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Flavor from Champagne. A Doux Champagne is a sweet champagne, with a dosage, or a residual sugar content above 50 g/l. Champagnes with the flavour Doux are very rare. Currently, only two Doux champagnes are known, the Cuvée François I. Grand Millésime. 2009 BdB Doux Premier Cru, from Francois Vallois, a vintage champagne, matured for 11 years, varietal from Chardonnay and the vintageless cuvée La Libertine Doux Premier Cru, the Champagne Doyard, also a varietal Chardonnay Champagne. The taste Doux as an exception was not always so. In the times of the tsars, champagnes were almost exclusively sweet, but at that time with a dosage beyond 200 g/l.. The taste has gradually changed. Currently, 90% of all champagnes produced are Brut (dry/tart).