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Bouzy (postcode 51150) is a small commune in France in the Champagne Region Montagne de Rheims, with 948 inhabitants (as of 2016). Bouzy is located about 14 km northeast of Épernay, on the southern slopes of the Reims mountains. The commune carries the status of Champagne classification, as a Grand Cru place. The vineyards of Bouzy amount to 375 hectares (as of 2019) and are, as in the neighboring communes, mainly planted with Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir vine accounts for 327.9 hectares. Only 0.3 hectares of vineyards are planted with the Pinot Meunier grape variety and 46.8 hectares with Chardonnay.

The vineyards of Bouzy are famous. To the north of the village, at an altitude of between 160 and 220 metres, the south-facing slopes of the hill range are dotted with parcels. The best sites are at an altitude of 180 to 220 m and produce grapes of exceptional quality. These plots rightly rank among the best Grand Cru sites in Champagne. Only the deeper strips of the vineyards, situated between 160 and 180 m, cannot maintain the quality.

Champagne aus Bouzy sind sehr lagerfähig. Die stets hohe Qualität der Weine aus Bouzy verdient eine lange Reifezeit. Die Weine zeichnen sich durch ihren ausgeprägten Pinot Noir Körper aus, sind körper- und extraktreich, mit einem vollen, facettenreichen Aroma.

Bouzy is also famous for its still wines.